Christopher Robin

Throughout the whole film Christopher Robin instills a sense of nostalgia that doesn’t end, even after the credits roll. A movie that will appeal to both adults and children, Christopher Robin lives up to past memories of the franchise. Watching childhood favorites such as Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger is enough to make it…… Continue reading Christopher Robin

12 Strong

The emotional pangs of re-watching the towers fall during the opening scenes of this movie enforces the sense of patriotism that rallied around this war in the first place. This movie comes at a time when the emotional association between the war and the events that lead up to that point is no longer apparent…… Continue reading 12 Strong

Atomic Blonde

Thrilling. Sexy. Surprising. Atomic Blonde is the new spy movie that has been blowing up social media. The trailer has been circulating social media for weeks and it was stirring up a lot of excitement. Atomic Blonde’s trailer had gotten mixed reviews as people were hesitant to see another spy movie like the Bond films…… Continue reading Atomic Blonde